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Concept Development
We work with you to understand your target market, the key aspects of your business that are marketable to this target market, and the best strategy to do so. We create the story, which you want to tell, and with you, determine the best way to tell this story in a way that inspires action.
Video shooting and direction
Because of iVideo Production's reputation for being able to bring out and capture stories on film, we are often asked to shoot footage for other producers for later editing and production.
Video production and editing
This is where the magic happens. iVideo Production takes the raw footage and turns it into a product that captures the hearts and minds of the intended audience.
Aerial videos
iVideo Productions uses an eight bladed Octocopter with a stabilized gimbal platform for all aerial footage, ensuring that you capture the highlights of your event or story from every angle.
Many clients' messages are enhanced through graphical representation. iVideo Production's offers a range of animation services from using moving graphs or pictures to supplement a story, to full animation to get your message across.
Social Media Implementation
iVideo Production's can help you establish your social media presence, and help you understand how you can use social media most effectively with the campaign you are creating.
Whether you want some still photography as part of your video or just a suite of photos for your requirements. These can then be delivered to meet your requirements, whether it be hard copy photo album, soft copy versions of the photos or included within a video.
Shoot and produce your special events, including weddings, memorials and funerals, As we enter the digital age, we often want to be able to tell the stories of our loved ones with a video or photo montage. iVideo Production's can help you tell the story you want told of your loved one, converting old VHS footage into digital format, and taking your collection of photographs to tell your story.


Corporate Showreel

Does your business need a video?

About Us


A young man with a love for music, creativity and technology, paired up with his best mate to change the face of DJs and club music across the UK. With nothing behind them other than their wits, ability to create trends, and ability to spot talent, this young man inspired a generation to follow his dream.

Radio Luxembourg hit the scene, and these two men saw their opportunity. They bought Radio Luxembourg Roadshow, and created Studio 54, a travelling entertainment road show with pyrotechnics, dance and hip-hop troops, and music videos. They were entrusted with the UK debut of the Michael Jackson's Thriller Music Video as well as playing to American Air-force bases across the country, and orchestrated the entertainment for some of the largest UK debutante balls.

Then the young man with the love for music who inspired his best mate to join him chasing dreams, found a different type of love. Despite the protestations of his best mate, and the stars he regularly worked with (Gladys Knight, Freddy Starr, Jimmy Tarbuck) he left the industry and decided to create a very different kind of life.

With his now young wife in town, this young man named Darren immigrated to Australia to begin a new kind of adventure. After a few years of working across different industries, collecting a few grey hairs and a few wrinkles, Darren honed his skills in two areas – people and using technology to inspire action.

As Darren became older and wiser he understood that one of the most powerful ways to inspire action, is to help people connect to other people. A film is only as good as the story it represents, and what Darren grew to realize, is that to be powerful, this story must capture humanity.

As Darren became older and wiser he understood that one of the most powerful ways to inspire action, is to help people connect to other people. A film is only as good as the story it represents, and what Darren grew to realize, is that to be powerful, this story must capture humanity.

The iVideo Team

Meet Us!

Darren Dawes

Master Videographer, Editor and Producer

With over 30 years in the entertainment business Darren is a sought after MC, videographer, and event designer. As a small business owner and entertainer Darren has the unique ability to identify the key aspects of a business, and use video to tell a story in a way that entertains and inspires action. Able to quickly move audiences from laughter to tears, Darren is known for his ability to produce a story, which entertains, informs, and connects to the audience.

With a number of viral video campaigns to his name and nominations for International video awards (2016 Equus Film festival (New York)), it is hardly surprising that Darren has an outstanding record for using video to dramatically increase sales for the organisations he works for.

Elizabeth Dawes

Executive Client Liaison

As one of this nation's top Dressage and Eventing riders and coaches, Elizabeth applies the same attention to detail and dedication to managing iVideo's corporate accounts, as she does in the equestrian ring. As a small business owner for over 20 years, Elizabeth understands the importance of outstanding service responsiveness, and works hard to ensure that all 'back of house' functions work to service all iVideo's clients in a seamless fashion.

Dr Ali Dale

Psychologist and Editing assistant

Unlike most video houses, Darren understands that consumer decisions, buying behaviours, or behavioural change is largely a function of psychology and brain science. Consistent with this, iVideo Productions engages a psychologist to assist in the final editing of many of its projects. As a psychologist who has worked in the corporate and health sectors in over 23 countries, Ali has a long history of working with video to create programs to inspire behavioural change.

With a keen understanding of the psychology and neuroscience of marketing and consumer decisions Ali works closely with Darren in the editing suite to ensure the 'final cut' produces maximum effect.

Dean Shipp

Engineer, Sound and Lighting

As a renowned triathlete, ironman and engineer, Dean Shipp has a passion for movies and understanding the nuances of video production. As one of iVideo Productions lighting and sound engineers, Dean loves to use tricks of light and sound to add depth to the stories as they unfold on camera.

Mathew Whiston

Sound and Lightingr

As a diesel mechanic with a long history working in mining, Matt understands both hard work and what it is like to be on the receiving end of training videos!

Taking his understanding of mechanics, Mat applies his ethos of working hard and curiosity about putting moving parts together, to sound and lighting in the video arena. With a passion for making videos (and training videos in particular) engaging and entertaining, Matworks closely with Darren on all iVideo Production's Projects.

Latest Videos

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Pony Love, Equus Film festival (New York) 2016
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YOUR IMPRESSIONS At iVideo Production we pride ourselves on always delivering the best possible product. The feedback like the ones below is always so great to read.

Saddles Plus

6/821 South West Hwy Byford WA 6122 AUSTRALIA

After researching the power of online video, I decided to approach Darren Dawes at iVideo Production to discuss how we could use video media to help our business grow its reputation and online presence. Darren suggested a great branding idea where we created a '12 Days of Christmas Giveaway' video. This video was created to describe the prize winnings of a $5000 giveaway to one lucky winner! All the filming was conducted in our store with loads of laughter and fun! The video was released in late November 2015 and ran for 4 weeks. We used Facebook as our main advertising platform, where we recorded our most successful social media campaign to date, acquiring over 24000 views, 800+ likes, 900+ shares and a 20% increase in our Facebook Fan base in just 4 weeks. I would highly recommend Darren to any business seeking to create video media for any purpose. Darren's creative mind and professional approach made the whole process quick and enjoyable! Thanks again Darren!"

Gary Johnson of Saddles Plus.


Corporate Engagement
Heart Foundation

The Heart Foundation has recently completed a video project with Darren Dawes from iVideo production to promote our annual Lock in the Love event. Lock in the Love is not targeted at the usual Heart Foundation audience, but at a much younger market. Working with Darren was an amazing experience for us. He immediately understood what we needed and how to film a video to engage our target audience. The process was stress free for us and the video exceeds our expectations. Darren brings creativity, vision, dedication and professionalism to his work. We enjoy the finished product so much that we decided to base our entire advertising campaign for the 2016 event on the theme of the video. Darren has the ability to think outside the box and we confidently recommend him to others.

Paulette Evans

Po Box 3421
Dural NSW 2158

We recently completed a documentary film called “Living the Horse". This project took two and a half years to making, but it was a lifetime in the creating. Darren from iVideo Production played a critical role in capturing the footage for our Western Australia interviews and horse work. His relaxed, funny and engaging style of interviewing bought out the best in the people and resulted in some wonderful emotive footage. Darren has given me many great tips and ideas as this project has progressed which shows what a creative person he is. I would highly recommend iVideo Production if you are interested in creating video work that is not only beautiful but captivating as well. Thank you Darren for everything you have done for us!

Cheers Paulette

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